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Bazooka Farmstar Grows Sales

Manufacturer Sees Four Times Growth and Doubles Employment in Washington, Iowa

In 2016, Bazooka Farmstar’s local economic development director introduced them to EDC. Upon engaging with EDC, Bazooka Farmstar’s leadership team quickly realized they were unable to effectively answer many questions about their business and industry. EDC committed to helping Bazooka Farmstar grow and transform the company’s operations as needed to support that growth. The engagement primarily focused on strategic planning, sales, and marketing.

Partnership Impact

Total Hours Invested with EDC


Bazooka Farmstar is now roughly four times larger than it was before engaging with EDC. With EDC’s help, Bazooka Farmstar has established goals and metrics and created a cadence that produces results in a solid plan. The company has more than 120 employees, has added new facilities, and still relies on the EDC team for ongoing support.

The Financial Fuel for Business Success

“I don’t think there is any way we would be where we are now without the team at EDC, and we are thankful to those that provide the financial fuel needed to help businesses like ours in Iowa.”
-Eric Hahn, Managing Director, Bazooka Farmstar

About Bazooka Farmstar

Bazooka Farmstar

Bazooka Farmstar is a liquid manure equipment manufacturer based in Washington, Iowa. With nearly 50 years leading the industry, Bazooka Farmstar delivers the best liquid manure management solutions possible.