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Igniting Success for Iowa Businesses

Since EDC was founded in 2003, we’ve helped accelerate the growth of high-impact, Iowa-based companies. In turn, these companies have generated more than $5.2 billion to funnel back into our state and local economies. 

We measure our effectiveness by actual economic impact—capital raised and employed, revenue growth, payroll, new talent brought to the state—and by lives and livelihoods impacted. When an Iowa-based interstate commerce business increases revenue or raises additional capital, it creates more opportunities for Iowans. It improves quality of life and ensures the prosperity of our state for years to come. 

Wondering how EDC can make an impact on your business? Reach out to learn more.

2024 Mid-Year Stakeholder Report

A summary of our achievements through June 2024.

2023 Impact


Annual 2023

To Date (2003-2023)

Number of Businesses Supported



New Revenue Generated



Capital Raised



Net Direct Jobs Added



Average Wage



New Payroll Created



Total Impact



2023 Stakeholder Report

Impacting Every Corner of the State

Meet the People Behind the Businesses

At their core, entrepreneurs share a common goal: to lend their skills and talents to addressing a need or solving a challenge in the market. EDC is proud of the work we do, and even prouder of the business owners who dedicate themselves to growing their businesses.

Ryan Glick

Ryan Glick
Co-Founder, Groov

“As an early-stage startup, it’s been necessary for all of our team members to wear many different hats. Because of this, we often lack the expertise in some key business functions, such as sales and marketing. This is exactly where EDC has been able to help our team. From guiding us through the process of bringing on the right sales team member, to preparing for an upcoming trade show, the team at EDC has been great to work with.”

Jason Wonase

Jason Wonase
Founder & CEO, Collective Data

“Over the years the EDC has plugged holes in almost every aspect of our business, whether that’s helping us craft a new budget, marketing, or running our entire sales team. And they have helped assess the overall health of the business and where we need to put additional resources. Curt does a great job recruiting good talent that complements what founders would need to get their startup going, and throughout the years I’ve enjoyed working with all of them.”

Alli Zimmerman
CEO, Foundations in Learning

“The EDC has become an advisor and a participant with us when it comes to how we grow our business. We just added two new salespeople to our team, which was a big growth moment for us. Curt was really involved in the hiring process and worked with our leadership to find and evaluate candidates so we could make sure we were getting the right fit. He is also helping us to shape and structure that team, coaching me on what we should be thinking about, and working directly with our salespeople.”