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Viewpoint Completes Merger

Viewpoint Molecular Targeting, Now Perspective Therapeutics, Advances Cancer Treatment and Completes a Successful Merger

What began in a research setting in 2008 became a fully integrated company with help from EDC. Viewpoint Molecular Targeting needed $40 million in capital—more than half in the form of investor equity. EDC provided the experience, connections, and hands-on guidance Viewpoint needed, investing more than 1,200 hours in a six-year span.

EDC helped Viewpoint build financial proformas, vet investor presentations, chair the company’s board of directors, build a Private Placement Memorandum (PPM), secure investors, and provided fractional CEO guidance to the team. To date, Viewpoint has 33 employees, a highly qualified CEO, and has expanded trials in India, Germany, Asia, and the U.S. for the company’s cancer-fighting therapeutics. They’ve also purchased a new building in Coralville to continue expanding their team.

Partnership Impact

Total Hours Invested with EDC


In early 2023, Viewpoint and Isoray, Inc., announced the successful completion of a merger between the two companies. The combined company, Perspective Therapeutics, will focus on the advancement of cancer treatments using radiation, radiopharmaceuticals, and imaging technologies so precision, targeted medical doses are delivered directly to cancer patient tumor sites. 

Viewpoint has been one of the top five most intensive engagements in EDC history and has the potential to provide significant economic impact for Iowa.

Paving the Way to Success in Iowa

“I can honestly say that without EDC, there is no way our business would have been successful in Iowa. Without the experience and diligent engagement of Curt and his team, no matter the time of day, or day of the week, we would have failed to raise the money, or money would have forced us to move out of Iowa.”
-Frances Johnson, MD, Co-Founder

About Viewpoint Molecular Targeting

Perspective Therapuetics

Viewpoint Molecular Targeting develops radiopharmaceutical therapeutics for cancer and complementary diagnostics for personalized medicine.