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Strategic, Proven Guidance for Every Stage of Business

Whether you’re a startup or established business, resources are critical to your success. When you work with EDC, you get access to the most valuable resource of all: a team of seasoned business experts.

EDC provides experience-based business creation and acceleration services based on proven, proprietary methods that deliver market-leading results. We are uniquely qualified to understand what your business needs and apply the knowledge and resources to drive success. 

We have provided hands-on guidance to Iowa-based businesses facing many of the same challenges and opportunities. We’ve also experienced it all firsthand as business owners and business growth consultants.  

EDC can help fill in the gaps and become an extension of your team, no matter how big or small. Sometimes you just need a few words of advice from a knowledgeable mentor. Other times you know you need more firepower to scale. We have been helping Iowa-based interstate commerce companies grow for more than 20 years, and we’ve perfected our proven process along the way. 

Through it all, EDC provides intentional, customized support to guide your business toward the next phase of growth.

How We Help

Outcome: Enhance your strategy and take your business to the next level.

Our strategic planning services include: 

  • Business situation analysis: Conduct a thorough analysis of your business’s current fit with its market to determine opportunities for success.
  • Leadership mentoring: Get tips for the overall direction and management of your company’s growth. Capitalize on EDC’s proven experience to complement and round out your leadership team. 
  • Business planning: Develop winning strategies and then write effective plans that not only guide your success, but also allow you to attract the necessary capital and talent.
  • Financial analysis and planning: Analyze your business’s past, current, and projected financials. EDC helps you understand your financial position and what you need to accomplish to operate profitably over the long term.

Outcome: Focus your marketing efforts to gain more market exposure, create strategies to connect with new and existing customers, and enhance your current marketing tactics.

Our marketing services include: 

  • Market fit analysis: Who needs your product? Why? How intense is the need for the product? EDC helps you answer these questions so you’re prepared to launch or grow your business effectively. 
  • Market research: Better target your marketing and sales efforts by conducting research on customer satisfaction, competitors, best practices, and lost customers. 
  • Marketing plan development: Develop a marketing plan that defines your brand and aims your business while adhering to your budget. 
  • Marketing tactics: Get help developing content and marketing materials, creating social and digital marketing campaigns, and crafting press releases. EDC acts as your marketing staff to help you determine the best way to approach your market.
  • Brand development and strategy: Whether it’s a new brand or a rebrand, EDC can help you create a brand and strategy to convey your identity.

Outcome: Assess your current sales strategies and team and implement changes to directly impact your bottom line.

Our sales/business development services include: 

  • Sales direction: Develop a sales and distribution plan, as well as a compensation plan designed to build a solid business development engine.
  • Building and managing sales teams: Create a highly effective sales organization. EDC provides the right direction and tools.

Outcome: Discover the right processes, team members, and resources to meet the complex demands of business expansion. 

Our growth management services include: 

  • General operations efficiency and production management: Our seasoned operations experts can provide insights on running your business more efficiently. 
  • New product development: Get assistance with new product development strategies and processes.
  • Team development: Better understand and balance the talent your business needs across disciplines, evaluate current team members, and work to fill the gaps.

Outcome: Identify what funding avenues are best for your business and take the steps necessary to secure funding. 

Our funding assistance services: 

  • Government resources: Find and secure available local, state, and federal resources. 
  • Venture/seed capital preparation: Receive guidance through the process of bringing on investors, from business valuation to investor presentations.
  • Bank/debt capital: Prepare the documents and information necessary to seek a bank loan and maintain a successful bank relationship.

Outcome: Fill the gaps in your team so you’re better positioned to achieve your goals.

Our networking and resource connection services include: 

  • Networking and educational opportunities: We collaborate with ecosystem partners and provide area business leaders with several networking and educational opportunities throughout the year. Connect with and learn from other business owners and learn about the impact of Iowa-based businesses.
  • Vendor/resource referral networking: Connect with subject matter experts who can provide various services and products to help your business with legal, accounting, design, and more.

Our Recipe for Success

EDC has its own time-tested process that’s helped transform many businesses. Based on EDC Founder and CEO Curt Nelson’s book, The Recipe for Business Success, our methodology identifies the strengths and opportunities of your business, your team, and your leaders. 

We’ll guide you through a rubric to score your current business state and identify an action plan for growth. Using the Calipers® profile, EDC helps leaders identify their natural strengths, as well as areas where improvement is needed. This same tool can help leaders assemble highly effective, balanced work teams.

Let's Talk About Your Business

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