Virtual Selling Effectiveness

November 10, 2022 by Curt Nelson Over the past two years, traditional face-to-face sales organizations were first forced, and then lulled into the use of technology as the accepted medium for selling. No planes, no cars, no hotels, more presentations per day, and home for dinner. Why would someone ever go back to travel? The […]

Top 10 Leadership Traits for Business Success

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APRIL 5, 2022 BY CNELSON In my book, The Recipe for Business Success, I dedicate a full chapter to 18 leadership traits that create highly successful teams and related businesses.  Over time, I have also developed a top-10 list of traits that I believe exemplify real leadership across my entire life:  Traits that ultimately became the personal […]

Vaccine Mandate Contingency Planning

NOVEMBER 4, 2021 BY CNELSON If you are a company of more than 100 employees and have a workforce that is, in any significant part, unlikely to get vaccinated, you need to start contingency planning now. Most likely to be impacted are skilled and unskilled jobs in the rural manufacturing space, where vaccination rates are the lowest. […]

Sudden Change – Temporary or Permanent

OCTOBER 8, 2021 BY CNELSON Businesses in every industry are facing this question. Have the impacts of the pandemic changed how we will do business permanently? Will we move back to the way it was – more or less?  The answer is different for each business and industry and related strategic planning has been (or should have […]

Home Run in 2020

By Curt Nelson, President & CEO, EDC, Inc. In my 17 years leading EDC and working with Iowa entrepreneurs, I’m often asked about “home runs” I have witnessed. When the pandemic hit in early spring, the thought that one of the largest home runs would come in 2020 was certainly not on my mind. Yet, […]

Sales Funnel or Bucket

By Curt Nelson, President & CEO, EDC, Inc. The average salesperson deals with prospect leads as they come, working all that they can, leveraging their product or service to fit the need and get the order. Absent available leads, they prospect in much the same manner, looking for anyone willing to listen. Asked about their […]

Competing on Value

By Curt Nelson, President & CEO, EDC Knowing your competition means being aware of what offerings they provide that do or will compete with yours. It is critical to understand your competitors’ price versus benefit position, or value position, as it relates to your own.

Business Recovery Resources (COVID-19 and Derecho)

(Updated 11/17/20) As our business community navigated the COVID-19 pandemic, we were then faced with a devastating wind storm. As we recover, EDC will provide information related to relief funding, unemployment benefits, assistance, webinars, etc. Please see below for links from Iowa Workforce Development and other area resources. If you have questions or need guidance […]

COVID-19 Mental Health Guidance for Linn County Businesses

April 14, 2020 The daily stress caused by the virus, social distancing and a deep financial crisis have had a big impact on all people in our community. It is normal to experience feelings of isolation, anxiety and uncertainty in this abnormal situation. Prioritizing your mental health and staying connected is more important than ever.

Small Business Paycheck Protection Program Topline Overview

Note: We have found the following overview to be one of the best summaries so far of the new Paycheck Protection Program. SMALL BUSINESS PAYCHECK PROTECTION PROGRAM The Paycheck Protection Program provides small businesses with funds to pay up to 8 weeks of payroll costs including benefits. Funds can also be used to pay interest […]