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Cedar Rapids-Based Pretty Lane Launches ‘It’s Pretty to be Kind’ Campaign

The campaign is modeled after a long-time symbol of hope in uncertain times, in a move that will help them stay in
business through the COVID-19 pandemic.“Lipstick has been a symbol of hope in times of unprecedented circumstances tracing all the way back to
the Great Depression,” said Pretty Lane Founder Nikki Hynek. “The Lipstick Effect is a theory that when
facing economic uncertainty, consumers will purchase less costly luxury goods that allow them to
continue to take care of and feel good about themselves, like lipstick. We are offering a discounted price
on our lipstick and an option to customize a note that will be hand-delivered to a friend to brighten their
day during these gloomy times. We are hopeful the person receiving it will get on our website and
continue to pass it on so we can spread hope to as many people as possible during this time.”

Pretty Lane is an experience-based beauty company that provides consultations, services, and parties for
individuals and groups. Pretty Lane was founded as a sister business to Dollup Beauty which is a
product-based beauty company Hynek founded to provide high quality, natural makeup products with a
minimalistic, tailored approach to enhance a person’s natural features. Hynek built both companies to
empower people to discover their own definition of pretty in a convenient, caring way and she is ready to
reach more people.

Hynek has partnered with Lindsay Leahy, Founder of The Restoration Project, to grow local market share,
expand the brand’s reach, and add to the line of services. “I have been a long-time customer, am
passionate about Nikki’s vision, and am excited to bring my experience in business strategy and sales to
complement and build upon what Nikki has created,” said Leahy. “We both believe in quality, customer
care, connection, convenience, and community and we are excited to build on those pillars as partners in
this next phase.”

The expanded vision is a diversification strategy. Today, the majority of Pretty Lane’s revenue comes
from in-person Pretty Parties and makeup consultations which can not be hosted at this time. The team
plans to more proactively market locals who buy makeup at a big box store to consider trying their
locally-made products around which they can create a customized, convenient reorder experience.
Additional expansion ideas include the launch of a “try-and-buy” model as well as expanded online and
in-person services that build community and help people feel pretty inside and out.

Visit https://theprettylane.com to participate in the “It’s Pretty To Be Kind” campaign or purchase products,
and follow on Facebook and Instagram to stay up-to-date as new products and services launch. Thank
you for supporting local!