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EDC Member Innovas Technologies Develops New Solution

Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger fouling costs the US economy over $80B annually despite the long-established preventive maintenance habit of periodic manual cleaning. The Iowa manufacturing company, Innovas Technologies, develops state-of-the-art solutions to eliminate this problem in shell and tube heat exchangers through the full spectrum of heavy industry all the way down to comfort cooling by its Helios Automatic Tube Cleaning System (Helios TCS).

The award-winning Innovas Technologies recently completed the filing of a new patent that enables new benchmark of effectiveness in cleaning media capture rates. The new technology title, “Strainer for Collection of Heat Exchanger Cleaning Projectiles in Continuous Tube Cleaning Systems” allows for a much smaller footprint of our ball collection trap making it very appealing for large industrial applications as well as smaller comfort cooling scenarios with confined areas. Furthermore, the new strainer technology allows for high flow rates (7 to 10 Feet ps/s) yet provides a very small pressure drop of less than 1 psi.

This new design was developed using ISO 9001 Quality Standards and Best Practice engineering design procedures. To validate the new product the innovative trap design was thoroughly tested at the University of Iowa Hydraulics laboratory and will be built under strict ISO 9001 quality standards as well as ASME B31.1 Power Piping Code. The ultimate result will be another step in the march to eliminate shell and tube related fouling completely through automated condenser cleaning systems.

About Innovas Technologies:
Innovas Technologies, founded in 2014, is a privately held design, manufacturing and service firm focused on eliminating shell and tube heat exchange fouling. Located in Coralville, IA, Innovas Technologies is a rapidly growing operational efficiency provider focused on the Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Industrial and Light Industrial and Commercial (HVAC) marketplaces. Innovas Technologies provides automatic shell and tube cleaning systems in fully scalable configurations to bridge the full spectrum of shell and tube heat exchangers and provides a highly reliable solution to eliminating the over $80B wasted in US shell and tube heat exchangers due to fouling. Additionally, Innovas Technologies is a developer of autonomous NDE and mobile sensor platforms for shell and tube applications.