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EDC Unveils Updated Logo and Tagline

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA—JANUARY 4, 2011—The Entrepreneurial Development Center (EDC), a Cedar Rapids-based business accelerator, kicked off 2011 by unveiling an updated logo and slogan. The company conducted research in early 2010 with area existing businesses and found that many perceived EDC’s services were for start-ups only and not applicable to businesses at their stage. EDC evaluated this feedback and worked with area branding firm Metro Studios on the redesign. The new tag line now reads, ‘Accelerating Iowa Business.’

The new brand updates the previous version that was created when the EDC was formed in 2003. Since that time, the number and type of businesses the EDC has helped scale has grown and has included more and more established area businesses such as Apache Hose & Belting and Junge Control. EDC executives felt that it was time to address this shift through a revitalization of the EDC brand. The new logo’s puzzle pieces maintain consistency with the previous version, but reduce the words in the logo (Entrepreneurial Development Center) to the acronym “EDC” – all in a more progressive and readable font style.

Even with the de-emphasis on the word ‘entrepreneurial’, EDC is not changing the way it does business or how the group works with clients. The accelerator’s focus has always been to provide hands-on mentoring and access to area resources to help locally-founded, interstate commerce businesses grow in the state of Iowa.

“Today, we have more clients that have been around for 10 to 50 years and simply want an experienced, outside perspective to grow in new and different ways. By simplifying our logo to the EDC acronym and having less emphasis on the word ‘entrepreneurial’ – yet increased emphasis on our new tag line – we are subtly communicating that we serve more than start-ups,” said Josie Heskje, VP of Marketing for EDC.

Since its inception, EDC has assisted over 400 companies and is actively engaged with over 40 area businesses. Currently, almost 60% of those clients are mature businesses while the rest are in the start-up or early stages.

The new logo also employs a more progressive font that EDC executives feel better embodies the accelerator’s approach. “The updated logo and tag line simply conveys EDC’s commitment to deliver service to area-founded businesses, whether new or existing, to help them grow faster and smarter,” said Heskje.

The updated logo is now showcased on the company’s web site and will be fully rolled out in 2011.

About EDC
The Entrepreneurial Development Center was incorporated in 2003 as a community-sponsored, non-profit business accelerator. The company provides economic growth through the development and expansion of entrepreneurial enterprises and has successfully assisted over 400 Iowa-headquartered businesses. Its focus is on creating local wealth for area re-investment by growing and cultivating regional, national, and international businesses at all stages—from start up to mature.