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Local Doctors Launch Mask of Wellness Program May 1

Mask of Wellness is a positive approach that benefits the social, physical, and economic wellness of a community and provides businesses with a free COVID-Conscious method and self-certification program

IOWA CITY, IA—APRIL 30, 2020— On Friday, May 1 at 1:00 pm, David C. Krupp, M.D., an emergency room doctor in Iowa City and Dr. Robbie Schwenker, PharmD, a community pharmacist, will converge a team of University of Iowa Pharmacy and Medical students on the Pedestrian Mall in Downtown Iowa City to deploy 300 free ‘Mask of Wellness’ packets to area restaurants. The packets will introduce ‘Mask of Wellness,’ a free initiative to provide education and tools for businesses to operate in a safe manner amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. ‘Mask of Wellness’ is a safety method and free self-certification program for a COVID-conscious business. The packets contain a letter of introduction as well as flyers, door clings, and information that the establishments can post at their physical locations as well as digitally on websites and social media.

Businesses can sign up and self-certify at www.maskofwellness.com, pledging that they will take three simple actions to maintain the safety of employees and patrons of their establishments:

1. Masks – Worn by every employee in all areas of the work environment.
2. Hygiene – Hand and surface hygiene practiced by ALL employees in conjunction with physical distancing when possible.
3. Health – Employees attesting to no primary COVID-19 symptoms on a daily basis.

The ‘Mask of Wellness’ self-certification is provided at no cost to promote a COVID-Conscious business. From the website, businesses will be able to download additional graphics, content and materials to promote the safety steps their business is taking as a COVID-Conscious business, in turn attracting customers and providing comfort and confidence to patrons.

As restrictions are being lifted in the majority of Iowa’s counties on Friday, Dr’s Krupp and Schwenker devised the program to promote continued responsible behavior to allow for further openings while maintaining the health of the community. They plan to expand the program nationwide to promote social, physical and economic wellness.

“This is a win-win solution, reducing the chance of employees from spreading the virus in
the workplace. In turn, your customers will feel more confident choosing a business that
promotes a ‘COVID-Conscious’ work environment that prioritizes the health and safety of
their customers and communities,” said Dr. Krupp. “Our collaborative efforts WILL play a role in preventing COVID-19 recurrent episodes with impact upon ALL elements of society. We appreciate your help to advance this endeavor fostering the health and the wealth of our community. The steps to take are so very simple and it all starts with a mask of wellness.”

The team has already approached a handful of area establishments with the Mask of Wellness program and has received positive feedback about the program that will put some control back in business owners’ hands.

“At 30hop, we’re proud to be a part of the ‘Mask of Wellness’ knowing we are taking steps to keep our employees safe while also benefiting the overall wellness of our community,” Eric Shewmaker- 30hop Partner

About Mask of Wellness
Launched on May 1, 2020 by two Iowa doctors, Mask of Wellness is a positive approach that promotes responsible behavior that is necessary to keep society open during this pandemic while benefiting social, physical, and economic wellness. David Krupp, M.D. and Robbie Schwenker, PharmD developed the simple safety method and self-certification program to help preserve the nation’s economy while at the same time maintaining healthy practices for the public. For more information or to sign up, visit www.maskofwellness.com.