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Bruce Lehrman

Bruce Lehrman

Bruce Lehrman is the Vice Chair of Involta, an award-winning, hybrid IT solutions provider offering cloud, consulting, and data center services to help clients undertake powerful digital transformation. Lehrman founded Involta in 2007, seizing an opportunity to bring modern IT solutions to the forefront of business strategy. His vision to blend colocation data center solutions with expert IT services has grown Involta from a local tech services company to a nationally recognized hybrid solutions provider serving six markets across the U.S.

Under Lehrman’s strategic leadership, Involta IT consulting, a full suite of cloud and IT monitoring services and colocation solutions to transform clients’ technology infrastructure, incorporating IT into business plans that support strategic growth goals.

Before founding Involta, Lehrman was involved in three greenfield business start-ups and also worked with large well-recognized brands. Lehrman in an active investor in entrepreneurial ventures and currently sits on the Board of the Entrepreneurial Development Center, Technology Association of Iowa (as 2013 Chairman), Iowa Seed Fund, Geacom, Higher Learning Technology and Van Meter Industrial. Prior to Involta, he was CIO of RuffaloCODY and CEO of LIVEware5.

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