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Effective Leadership Teams

Critical to driving a successful business is the leadership team itself. Throwing a quality game plan in front of a group of players that don’t understand their role in the game is reasonably sure to end in failure. Quality execution comes from having the right talent in the right place at the right time. The sports world understands this concept as do those that excel in the business world. Those that do not grasp the idea fail to reach their potential or simply fail altogether. Quality business talent comes from a combination of the necessary disciplines, capabilities, experience, and proper balance. Whether you need hundreds of people or only a few, building the right talent will make the journey to success smoother and faster.

Disciplines: There are six key disciplines needed to perform optimally. They include marketing, development, sales, operations, information technology, and finance. Marketingis the process of planning and executing the creation, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods, and services that mutually satisfy customer and organizational objectives. In other words, marketing provides the overall vision and direction of the business as well as the market awareness of your products or services. Development provides the actual design and creation of the product or service offering based on input from marketing. It transitions the design to the operation and support teams and provides ongoing input to marketing regarding new products or enhancement opportunities. Click here to read more.